Wellbeing and Journalism 

Raksha previously set up a project working directly with consumers which provided quality public relations services to individuals. Intuitivstory media representation:

  • Contributed to the emotional wellbeing of individuals
  • Represented new unheard voices in the mainstream media
  • Demonstrated professionalism through courtesy, civility and confidentiality
  • Established its presence in new sectors: the public sector, corporates, and in B2B retail.

Aims: Giving individuals a voice – the stories were based on psychology, emotional intelligence and wellbeing for both male and female readerships in the UK. Her emotional intelligence features were focused on altruistic endeavours and sensitive storytelling.

Values: Intuitivstory supplied quality stories, with impactful messaging, to consumer publications, with the focus being on storytelling, providing exclusives, and creating a positive experience for all those involved.

Approach: Intuitivstory respected people’s privacy and encouraged a sense of wellbeing. The marketing, publicity and stories of Intuitivstory were generated by its own clients whom liked the style of the brand and recommended it to others.

Integrity: Because of its fair, ethical, and professional approach, the brand secured exclusive interviews and content, without having to offer cash payments in exchange for a story. All interviewees were paid, received publicity and were given a voice in the press, depending on the type of story and the publication.